Sunday, May 5, 2013

The New and the future of this blog

My intent on first starting to blog was to preserve the memories and stories of my family. I realized after my parents died that I had no one in the family to give these memories to so I decided to give them to the world in order to preserve them. As time went on I wrote less and less of personal things and more of genealogy in general.
Now with the new everyone can preserve photos, stories and memories online. In addition only those people who are interested in the members of your family tree will find those stories and photos. 
I have already started uploading my photos and stories there. I do not know what I will yet do with this blog. Perhaps I will dismantle it completely or change it to less of a personal nature.
Whatever I do, I thank you who have taken the time to read my posts and even to comment. It is always satisfying to know someone has been reading.

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