Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Indiana State Digital Archives

I'm always happy when I can find something online rather than having to actually get in my car and go somewhere for a record. In this case, I was able to find online that the State of Indiana had some records of an ancestral relative. Of course, no details were given other than the nature of the record, so I called up the State Archives and talked personally with someone there who was able to pull the record eventually. They say they get hundreds of requests a week and are hard put to stay current with all of them since there are a limited number of people working. Anyway, I have to mail in $14 for a copy of all the records. It would cost me a lot more than that if I had to drive there and search for the record myself. I applaud all efforts to get records online, or even just the indexes to records.

I hope to share this particular ancestor's story in future blogs.