Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things to take to the Genealogy Library

Getting to the Fort Wayne Library for me is not a long drive, but it does take planning so that when I get there, I don't think "Oh, I forgot to bring _____________. My time is going to be wasted, or I won't be able to do the work I planned." So here is my list of things to remember to bring when making a trip to any genealogy library.

1. Paper and pen or pencil
2. Flash drive, Flash drive, flash drive!
3. Camera - I like to get through as many books as I can when I get to the library and leave the sorting and musing to when I get home. Taking photos of book entries is a lot easier and faster than photocopying or writing out every little sentence. With a digital camera I can make sure the photo is in focus immediately. I also take a picture of the title page of the book so I know where the entries are found.
4. Computer - Although I hate to carry around that laptop, it is a lot easier to look up names, dates and places in my genealogy database than my actual printed pedigree.
5. Printed genealogy information. Sometimes things just go wrong. Maybe all the computer spots are taken, or there is a problem with connection, or your computer has chosen this moment to die. Having your printed genealogy is a great backup for those times.
6. Because I hate to carry things, I'd rather pull them, so a luggage carrier or rolling suitcase with all my things neatly arranged inside. I learned this trick just yesterday when I saw someone else doing it. I have a nice little rolling backpack that I bought at a thrift shop long time ago that is now repurposed for just this.

What do you like to take with you for a trip to the genealogy library?

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