Thursday, October 30, 2008

Genealogy and Pod Casting

My sister came home from visiting friends this summer and said that her friends were all enthusiastic about PodCasts. I had heard of them before, but never looked into them. Lest you think I am talking about alien clones or body snatchers here, let me clarify that a PodCast is a radio or tv show in digital form which can be downloaded from the internet to an IPod or MP3 player or your computer.

After reading an article in one of my genealogy magazines about PodCasts available for free covering the subject of genealogy, I decided to put my unused ITunes software to work and take a look. It is very simple. ITunes software is available for free to download over the internet. Or you may already have it on your computer. Once downloaded, open it up and go to the ITunes store. Once there do a search for "genealogy". It is amazing the wealth of information available, most all for free!

I couldn't begin to listen to all of them, so I started with one of the more popular ones - Genealogy Gems. You can read a short narrative of what each program is about and only download the ones you are interested in, or you can subscribe and your computer will automatically download each new episode as it becomes available.

If you are in need of a little education in certain areas to get past some of those brick walls, I suggest taking a look through all of the genealogy podcasts. You may just find what you need to make the walls come crumbling down.

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Genealogy Gems said...

Hey, thanks for checking out my Genealogy Gems Podcast! I just started another podcast called Family History: Genealogy Made Easy. Both are available in iTunes. Podcasts can seem hi-tech but they're really just pre-recorded radion shows about all our favorite subject: genealogy! It's like having your own genealogy seminar that you can listen to on your computer :-) Thanks for encouraging others to give them a try! All the best, Lisa at www.Genealogy.Gems.TV