Sunday, December 2, 2007

West Richland School 1923

Here are the students of West Richland School, Dekalb County, Indiana, 1923.
Pictured are:

Row 1 left to right
1. Jarius Friend
2. Lawrence Votrie
3. Harry Hovarter
4. Paul McDonald
5. Lawrence Treesh
6. Woodrow Drerup
7. Paul Schurr
8. Frank Shippy
9. John Friend

Row 2
1. Joyce Harding
2. Rutherford Kirckpatric
3. Lowell Peck
4. Dale Harding
5. Roy Leins
6. Margaret Manrow
7. Ward Sherrick
8. Mae Armstrong
9. Iolene Friend
10. Melissa Ober
11. Arther Drerup

Row 3
1. Estel Shippy, teacher
2. Clyde Dedm
3. Mary Simons
4. Margaret Dawson
5. Thelma Hovarter
6. Wilma Becker
7. Georgie Shippy
8. Rachel Becker
9. Audrey Drerup
10. Tris Foltz
11. Minnie Harter

I have tried to reproduce the names as I read them on the accompanying list to the photograph. I am sure there are errors. If you know of any, please leave a comment.

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Dexter said...

Clyde Dedm might be Deam...there was a Carl Deam in the area.
Rutherford's last name was Kirkpatrick.

Lawrence Votrie, Lawrence Treesh,Harry Hovarter, Jairus Friend, and Paul McDonald were best friends. I assume this because over the years Dad would tell us stories of youthful adventures these boys had together.
Many little stories involved skating on Lintz Lake, which may be just two miles east of West Richland School.
It's been probably 46 years ago now , I believe, when Lawrence Votrie passed away at a relatively early age of 47. I remember my dad , Jairus Friend, was very sad during that time of mourning.
At Dad's funeral, Paul McDonald related a few boyhood tales to me and told me how sad he, in turn, was at Dad's passing.
A person never forgets precious words like that.