Saturday, December 1, 2007

Corunna High School, Dekalb County, Indiana

Yes, there actually was a Corunna High School. Here is pictured the freshman class of 1925. Can you identify these youngsters? There are no names on this photo. I know at least one, but I won't tell you. You have to guess. Judging from the one I know, these lads and lassies are probably around 15 years old. Leave a comment with your guess and name. Sorry, no prizes, just a hearty "congratulations and thank you". Comments are open to all readers.

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Dexter said...

It is all guesswork, and a bit of deductive reasoning, based on what some kids of these people looked like later on, but I would guess Winford Nessel is the one in a tie , top row, upper right.
Assuming the tallest person is the teacher, I would guess Carl Deam is the one to the teacher's immediate right. I would say this boy looks a lot like Carl Wayne, his son.
Last guess, there is probably a Treesh in the picture. It's a bit early for any Friends , Jairus Friend graduated from Garrett H.S. in 1932. It would have been 1933, but Dad was moved up, skipping Grade Two.